Some Islands and Ports of Call

The great thing about sailing in Greece is that every island is different. Each has its individuality and makes it fascinating. The differences are both cultural and scenic.

Many of our past clients who have sailed in the Caribbean or the Pacific say they find Greece more varied.

The islands of the Cyclades, for example are sunburnt with naked, rocky mountains dropping in sheer cliffs to emerald waters below. Villages hang to cliffs like white mussels on a rock.

The Dodecanese are covered in evergreen pine forests. Trees overhang the quiet coves we sail into, providing perfect shade for midday picnics and siestas. See below a brief outline of the Greek islands and ports we enjoy sailing to most. 



Mountains and valleys, cliffs and coves, sponge fishing in spring and winter. Cave of Kefallas, grotto of Daskaleio, Mycenaean Tombs. Fertile valley of Vathi. Traditional local festivals and feasts offer fun, excitement, and cultural insight. The local populace is hospitable, and their cuisine is delicious.


Hot sulphur springs is an extinct volaco, a ruined castle, view from Nikia of crater and central cone.

Once a place of intense volcanic activity, Nissyros is a vast, entrance-free geological museum, placed right into the sea. Mandraki, the main town of the island, is a sight in itself, with its beautiful and picturesque village. There is also the Venetian fortress which, from its towers and battlements offers a beautiful view over Mandraki. The volcano has five craters, and the bold can venture within their depths, as long as they are equipped with special boots. 


Cosmopolitan, with lovely beaches, many restaurants, taverns, open air clubs. Birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine.

Since ancient times, sightseers have called this island as the 'Garden of the Aegean Sea'. The interest of the visitors who annually flood into the island in the summer months is mostly stimulated by the captivating beaches, archaeological sites, the Byzantine churches, the picturesque chapels, the medieval castles, the architectural pattern of the period of Italian domination, and the traditional hamlets. 


Sponge fishing, castles and ancient remains. Multi-coloured houses are stacked on hillsides like children’s building blocks.

The picturesque island of Symi, once the capital of the entire Dodecanese Group of islands, is situated in a remote location near the Turkish coast. It is a favorite among tourists who appreciate the beauty of its nature and the quietness of its atmosphere, but do not wish to be lost in abandon. 


Another castle from the Venetian occupation. Off the beaten track, many women still wear island costume.

Tilos, a reclusive island with hospitable inhabitants, is an ideal destination for those seeking peaceful holidays. Located between Nisyros and Chalki,  the island offers beautiful natural scenery, which is complemented by churches, monasteries and chapels, ancient ruins, and medieval castles. The comely sandy beaches ensure calmness and relaxation under the bright sun, while crystal waters offer a refreshing respite whenever this is desirable. 


An old watchtower castle used by the guardians of Rhodes. Bare and hilly, this is for those who want to escape and get away from it all.

Chalki, the island of peace and friendship of youth worldwide, is one of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese. Visitors who wish to find a beautiful and tranquil island to retreat will find their paradise here.  


The garden of the Dodecanese and the largest of these island. Ancient habour guarded by bronze stags and a perfectly preserved Crusaders town with castle and fortifications. Extensive shopping as well as excursions to the valley of butterflies wine festivals, antiquated monasteries and a casino.

Few places worldwide can match the beauty and the cosmopolitan aura of Rhodes. Unparalleled natural beauty is accompanied by rich historical and cultural tradition; there are not too many places that can boast of hosting one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the renowned Colossus. Breathtaking ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, enchanting inland territory and a vivid lifestyle are some of the elements of Rhode's combination, which has never failed to attract countless visitors from the farthest reaches of the globe.