Preveza base

 PREVEZA  (main base)

 The ideal starting point for cruises to the Ionian Sea. Island colour on condinental land. 


 Preveza Marina is situated in the heart of the cosmopolitan Preveza town. Preveza  marina has a mooring capacity of 300 berths. 


  •  Power supplies 220-380 V, 120 Amps and fresh water, WC, showers, hygiene  facilities, WIFI, Restaurant, café and bar, Mini Market, Washing machines and dryers, Laundry services, Fuel Station, Post, Playground, Car rental


Preveza (Aktion) International Airport (PVKis approximately 8km from Preveza marina. Getting there is pretty straightforward. You can either take a public bus or a taxi. You will find both as soon as you exit the main airport areas. Depeding on the traffic, the route from the airport to the marina is approx. 15 minutes. 24/7 metered taxi service is available outside the Aktion Airport Terminal building. The journey from the Airport to Preveza is about 10-15 minutes and the fare is normally 25€ You may be charged extra, if you carry many pieces of luggage.

PREVEZA- ​City destinations 

A modern city, administrative, commercial, intellectual and tourist center of the prefecture. Beautiful, traditional buildings adorn the port and the historical center while the pedestrian walkways and cobblestone streets lined with popular taverns and cafès remind us of the islands. Built on the entrance of the Gulf of Amvrakikos, located at the double delta of the rivers Louros and Arachthos along with the lagoon complex that has a rare ecosystem protected by the RAMSAR international treaty.

  • The three castles: Agios Andreas (18th c.), Agios Georgios (1807), and Pantokratoras (1807). The view from the last one at dusk is spellbinding. 

  • Ancient Nikopolis

  • The Agios Haralambos cathedral, with its clock tower. 

  • The Museum of Natural History, at Neochori. 

  • The Museum of the Aktion Naval Battle

  • The Municipal Library. It contains 20,600 volumes and 600 rare books of the 19th century (for their most part) and of the 18th century. 

The scenic seaside promenade flanked by imposing buildings such as the Court of Justice, the Town Hall, the National Bank, and the Old Marketplace


The Ionian Sea is an ideal destination for both sailing vessels as well as motor crafts. The winds in the region usually are not very strong and their directions are appropriate for enjoyable sailing even for the very small yachts. All year round, the weather remains favorable, with relatively high temperatures that range between 20°- 32°C.