About us

World Expeditions and its personnel, with more than 24 years of experience, is a guarantee of your free of trouble sailing vacations in Greece and value for money.

Why sail Greece with World Expedition

We arrange the pick of Greek sailing holidays. They combine the best of local attractions with cruising azure seas to remote island coves accessible only by sea. You will appreciate the charm of the Greek islands with a small group of likeminded adventurers. You will share good times together and make friendships which make last a lifetime.

On shore you could meet cosmopolitan travelers and locals or we can show you isolated beaches to have all to yourself. Every island is different. On some you can party all night in open air clubs and on offers you can enjoy quiet moments on starry nights surrounded only by natural beauty! Evening meals will be had ashore in tavernas, eating the fine food Greece is famous for. It is exquisite and cheap. Local wines and Ouzo cap off the fine food and dancing the Syrtaki and other folk tunes is an ideal way to spend an evening.

Our bases is conveniently located in Athens, Rhodes and Corfu. Our skippers and crew are there to welcome you and give you the ultimate Greek sailing holiday. 

Harry Karapanos WE Director

Harry Karapanos has been sailing the Greek Islands since his childhood. He has an intimate knowledge of the islands and a love of sailing. Based in Athens office for the sailing season, he is dedicated to the task of selecting the most competent skippers, ensuring everything is shipshape and monitoring the sailing itineraries.